Day 2 (Week 3) – Table Tennis Fitness

Following on from yesterday’s go-to footwork exercise that we do regularly before training in Germany (if you haven’t seen that already, follow this link!), we are going to look at a ‘cross-over’ footwork drill.

With this drill, we are essentially crossing each leg separately in each square of the exercise ladder – which is what is meant by the title in the first few seconds of the video “Left Foot over, Right Foot over”.

Like yesterday, this exercise may seem complicated at first if you have never done it before , however it really is quite easy to pick up if you start slowly and gradually build up the pace.

Note: remember to stretch before today’s footwork drill – how about adding Day 1’s quad stretch to your warm-up routine?



Try and aim for 4 sets of 3 reps each for this footwork drill. Remember also to rest between each set as we don’t want to over do it!

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