Day 5 (Week 2) – Table Tennis Fitness

I hope you all enjoyed  Day 4’s rest day, because it’s time to start working on our Table Tennis Fitness again!

Before we get into our exercise of the day (thank you to Craig Gascoyne for introducing me to this exercise in Germany!), we are going to make sure we are stretched and ready to go. As we will be working on our lower backs, a good back stretch is needed!

If you haven’t already joined in with the back stretch from Day 1’s Table Tennis Fitness, then head over there as that’s a perfect way to get our lower-backs ready!

Ok, now that we are ready, let’s get into today’s lower back exercise: alphabets.

As you can see in the video, I change positions, or ‘letters’, every 10 seconds with my arms; I change letters 6 times:

  • ‘T’ – put your arms out either side of your torso to create the letter T

  • ‘W’ – bring your arms and your shoulders back together, to create the letter W

  • ‘X’ – form the letter X by stretching the arms diagonally to each other

  • ‘Opposite X’ – The same as step 3, just the other way around!

  • ‘W’ – Repeat step 2

  • Finish off the last ten seconds with ‘T’ from step 1!

1 minute is up, and we’re done – Well done!

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