Day 5 (Week 2) – Daily Detox with Pictures from Poland

I was going through my phone’s photo library today, looking through a few pictures from some of my travels around Europe whilst touring the ITTF World table tennis circuit. I found pictures from Władysławowo, Poland, where I participated at the 2019 ITTF Polish Open!

Aside from the tournament though, I had time to enjoy some of the scenery that Władysławowo has to offer.

Participants and fans at the tournament were very lucky with a sandy beach a few minutes’ walk away from the tournament venue – we could play/watch some of the best table tennis in the world, and afterwards we could relax on the beach in the sunshine.

I’ve been reflecting on why I think it’s important to remember such happy times that occurred in the past. We naturally associate the past with perhaps all the unhappy things that happened in our lives – something I think we really should try to avoid. I personally think it’s important in every situation of life to try and find the positives, as this allows us to be proud and at ease with our past.

From my own experience, I know there are some things in life which are hard to find any positives from. But I really believe that if you even find the smallest of happy things from those events in life, that goes a long way in helping our mental well-being.

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