Week 13 – Saturday Special!

If you enjoyed last week’s Saturday Special video on Nutritional facts for Athletes, then I hope you will be excited for ‘Part 2’!

In this video, I share the answers to some in-depth and specific facts on common questions about Sports Nutrition:

  1. Why are some Carbohydrate based foods better for you than others?

  2. How to choose the ‘right’ carbs to eat

  3. Are protein supplements + shakes a necessity in Sport?

  4. Should you consume Sports drinks as a table tennis player?

Just before we begin with this week’s video though, I want to take the time to say a big thank you to Jenny House, a Nutrition and Food Science graduate who supplied me with all the information necessary to make this video possible!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s video! If you did, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and leaving a ‘Thumbs-up’ for the video!

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