Welcome back to my Blog!

Welcome back to my Table Tennis Blog!

Due to the overload of studying over the last few months, I sadly haven’t been able to upload any additional posts to my blog to help you all with your game!

However, I did manage to continue with very regular Instagram posts, most of which were specifically uploaded to help give advice and tips to my followers, as well as anyone who might potentially come across my account on the ‘Explore’ page of the app.

I post at some great length about certain techniques used by the top professionals in the game, why they use those techniques, as well as tactical and even sometimes psychological posts that I believe can seriously help you achieve your goals in the sport.

In addition to these detailed analysis posts, I also upload updates as to my regular ‘goings on’, future topics for my blog and YouTube channel, spontaneous tips and tricks + much more!

I have had a lot of positive feedback from my table tennis specific Instagram account, from players finding the advice to be very helpful, as well as just generally enjoying and supporting the regular content that I upload. If you aren’t following me on Instagram, then I highly recommend you do, as I believe my growing account could help you on your table tennis journey!

Follow this hyperlink to check out my Instagram account!

If you don’t have Instagram though, not to worry; now that I have some more free time in-between university assessments, I am going to restart twice-weekly posts on the blog, following the same format as before!

This format will consist of ‘Top Tip Tuesday’ and ‘Saturday Special’ posts (the latter of which is a recorded video from my YouTube channel that you will be able to watch also through the blog) created specifically to help grow your table tennis ability.

So stay tuned to the blog, check out my table tennis orientated Instagram account and keep on ‘Ping-ing’!

Matthew 🙂

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