Day 2 (Week 2) – Daily Detox with George Orwell

I have just finished reading George Orwell’s ‘1984’, and what a fantastic book it is! For those who don’t know it, ‘1984’ was Eric Arthur Blair’s (better know by his pen name George Orwell) last published novel before he died, and what a powerful one at that!

1984 was a unique concept for its time, with the idea that the daily world had been polluted by political corruption. Big Brother was the leader of The Party – which ruled “Oceania”, a totalitarian superstate, in the novel – and had total control over all the people. There was constant surveillance, zero privacy, no freedom of speech, and eventually there would be an eradication of individual, conscience and private thoughts. In other words, the total destruction of what we know today as our human rights.

I have been reflecting a lot on what I personally took out from the novel ‘1984’ and its prime concept. It made me realise, we need to take care not only of ourselves, but others on this planet too. We need to protect our privacy, as well as our freedom. There are our birth rights as human beings. 

If you have read ‘1984’, I would love to hear your thoughts on the novel in the comments below!

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