Day 1 (Week 2) – Daily Detox with Diary Entry

I was recommended not too long ago by a family friend, that I should start writing a journal, or diary. By putting pen to paper, we can sift through our thoughts and opinions in a private and reflective manner.

The beauty with writing, is that we can do this without any interference with potential arguments. All our thoughts and opinions stay on the paper, and are known only to the writer. I believe this helps to process these feelings and join them into strong personal beliefs.

I also find, that when writing about the things on my mind, I feel a sense of ‘losing weight’ so to speak. What I mean by this, is that those heavy anxious feelings within me are relaxed and let loose by writing about them.

This then could be referred to as “getting it off our chest” like most people normally do by verbal speech, and although that is also extremely important, I personally don’t find that method to be as effective and true to what I feel deep down. I feel that when I am writing, I don’t hold back anything that I might be afraid to speak to others in real life. This is why I think keeping a diary is so important.

Do you agree that keeping a diary is important for our mental health? Please do let me know!

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