Day 3 – Daily Detox with Music

Growing up in a musical family, I find music to be a great companion in life. I always want to feel a sense of soul and spirit in the music I listen to, and usually (depending on my mood!) I love to listen to relaxing piano music.

Today I found myself listening to a playlist of music from a famous Japanese Anime company – Studio Ghibli.

I think this love for piano music comes from taking piano lessons as a child. I still play piano when I have time to do so, and sometimes I might play a piece from one of Studio Ghibli’s films. However, I always like to let my feelings and mind wander on their own course, so I thoroughly enjoy creating my own pieces (albeit nowhere near as beautiful as their pieces!).

Creativity is such a great gift that we all share. I feel it is very important not only in general life and well-being, but also in table tennis. We need to find new and creative ways to train, it helps to maintain interest so that we can make the most out of each training session.

We also need to use all of our creative experience in competitive matches, to try and be less predictable in each point. This is an essential part of table tennis tactics.

Do you also like to listen to relax by listening to music? Let me know in the comment section below!

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