Day 2 (Week 7) – Top Tip Tuesday

It’s Top Tip Tuesday, and I thought I would share some advice on how to help improve your service:

Top Tip – try to use your whole body when serving, not just your arms

source: ittfworld

I have often noticed that some table tennis players are very tight and rigid when performing serves. Their service motion is primarily from the arm, using just the wrist and forearm to generate spin and power.

However, you might have noticed from watching the pros, that they also make use of the torso, hips and legs when serving, especially at the point of contact with the ball.

The reason for this is because by using your body together with your arm, you can significantly help increase the control and spin potential of the serve, therefore making the service much more advantageous and effective

Source – ittfworld

I hope you find this week’s Top Tip to be helpful! If you have any requests for future Top Tip Tuesdays, please let me know in the comments below!





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