Day 2 (Week 9) – Top Tip Tuesday

Over the last few weeks on Top Tip Tuesday, we have been mainly focusing on service in Table Tennis, a very important aspect of the sport.

However, there is another part of the service game that is just as essential – the receive!

The receive of service in table tennis is a hard part of the game. In fact, one needs an uncountable number of hours training to master it like the pros.

Source – ittfworld

That isn’t to say it’s impossible, just that it requires a vast amount of skill one can only learn from a lot of specific training exercises with (preferably) a coach nearby.

As the receive of service requires a solid foundation before one can become a SUPER RECEIVER, I thought this week’s Top Tip would be focused on the ready position

note: I will be doing a future Saturday Special on the basics of the ready position, so do stay tuned for that!

Top Tip – try adding small ‘steps’ to your ready position, so as to make sure you’re not static and unable to move!

I always found the ready position to be quite tricky. I used to feel ‘uncomfortable’ when receiving a serve because (amongst over technique based issues in my game) I wasn’t easily able to move quickly to each serve that was sent my way from the opponent.

After I was told by my coach, and also other better players than myself, that I should try to to add small bouncing ‘steps’ on the balls of my feet whilst waiting for each service, I found I could reach my opponent’s serves much easier and quicker.

Source – ittfworld

It worked for me, so why not give it a try!

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