Day 2 (Week 6) – Top Tip Tuesday!

For my first ever Top Tip Tuesday, I’m going to suggest something that could benefit your game a lot:

Top Tip: Try ‘CHO’-ing more (or less, see below) when you win a point!

– Source ittfworld

In table tennis, many players do a ‘victory shout’ after winning each point. Which word you decide to shout doesn’t matter. It’s the act of doing it, the adrenaline rush you might receive from doing a victory celebration after each point, that could potentially sharpen-up your game!

However, you do need to keep a few things in mind before shouting your head off!

Firstly, although some players thrive on the energy and adrenaline you get from shouting ‘cho”, there are others who prefer to stay quiet after winning a point. This might be because they find that the extra adrenaline makes them feel uneasy and nervous which, of course, could potentially hinder their performance in the match. It might also be that they find they lose focus on their tactics after performing a victory shout.

The important point here is that every one is different. What works for one player might not work for you. That’s why I suggest experimenting, to see if you prefer to shout “CHO!!!” after winning a point, or rather to remain silent and focused

It’s also worth noting that cho-ing can be against the rules of table tennis, depending on your motives behind the celebration. For example, you are not supposed to cho directly at your opponent, as this may be seen as intimidation by the referee.

What is your opinion? Should we ‘cho’ less or more? Let me know in the comments down below!


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