Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

I just want to say a few words about the origin, format and structure of this new blog, before we begin our journey together.

Firstly, please do read the disclaimer at the end of each post, as that is very important before we start.

When creating this blog, I wanted not only to share my daily routine with other Table Tennis players (or those interested in the sport), but also to grow as a person and an athlete along with you.

My initial idea was to post my daily Table Tennis training from Germany, as well as talking about each exercise/drill that I had been working on and the reasons behind doing those exercises. Additionally, I wanted to share how I personally like to relax after each physically draining session in the Table Tennis hall.

Sadly, due to the Coronavirus Lockdown, that isn’t possible now…however, I hope to be able to do that when it’s safe in the future.

Therefore, the blog for now – which I will try my best to update daily – will be split into two different subjects: Table Tennis Fitness (in my garden!) and Daily Detox (how I relax/things I have been thinking about each day).

I will try and respond to comments/opinions if time permits me to do so, as the idea behind this daily blog is about us improving ourselves together.

I do hope you enjoy reading the posts, as well as being kind to others in the comment sections. I want this blog to be a safe haven for all of the Table Tennis community, so let’s all make sure we are as positive as possible each day!

2 responses to “Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

  1. I love tennis! I hope I’ll find some amazing facts and tips about tennis!!! All the very best with your blog 🙂

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